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“It’s about the people, stupid.”
- Brains On Fire

Just who are the characters in your Brand Story?

Do you know them? Their passions? Their quirks? How they talk about your business?

In our last post we talked about the power of your Core Idea and how you need to tap into the passion that drives your business. The key thing is that it is a shared passion – the idea is just the rallying point for you and your customers.

Finding the link between your customers and the passion begins with a simple step:

You listen.

Revolutionary, right? No genius ideas coming down from on high, or what some market research tells you – those will only lead you as far as the next need for more marketing.

Smart Brands Create Shared Ownership

The very act of listening to your customers opens up the potential for shared ownership.

When you really start to listen a few things happen.

1. Your passion for what you do is re-invigorated by the passion of your customers.
2. You begin to truly understand who you are building something with and how you can deliver more value.
3. They get an opportunity to clarify their feelings for your brand – thereby making them stronger and more focused.
4. They begin to feel a sense of ownership as their thoughts + ideas are given weight.
5. A sense of community, small but powerful, begins to take shape.

Understand Your Ideal Customer

There’s no point in listening if you are not going to apply what you learn, and if you are not going to seek to understand your customer’s world you’ve wasted your time (and theirs).

As you move to listen, and after you do, here are some potential gaps to fill in.

Some questions to consider:

As you begin to uncover your Brand Story, one of a lasting relationship between your company and your customer, remember to focus on the passion (that ‘p’ word again) that you brings you together and the shared ownership that will keep you going strong.

So what characters are you welcoming into your business’ story?

[Just for fun leave a comment with the strangest characters you have dealt with in your line of work, whether good stories, funny ones, or just plain weird]

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